Robotic inspection of online tank floor by UT and MFL.

Diakont provides integral services of inspection of storage tank floor using a robotic tracer called Stingray, that can deploy in a safe way while the tanks remain filled and operatives. Using a patented combination of non destructive evaluation sensors (NDE) located inside an anti-explosive enclosure, the inspection systems Stingray provide a complete inspection coverage, surpassing the requirements of API 653 inspection.

The inspections of storage tank floor on the ground are based mainly on the requirements of API 653. The traditional inspections of floor are done manually, which requires the storage tanks to be taken out of service, cleaned and degassed to allow the workers to enter in the confined space. These changes create vapor clouds, unique safety risks and are extremely expensive.

Diakont provides integral services of inspection deployed in a safe way in storage tanks above ground while remain filled and operative.

The online inspections can be performed with higher frequency, which allows operators priorize the tanks for changes and extend the inspection intervals through risk based inspections. This technology of inspection is also crucial to obtain information about assets recently acquired with limited documentation.