Tergo Laf Group

Solutions that combine know-how, technology and compromise for our clients to know, in a 100% trustworthy manner, the true state of their pipes.

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Strategy & Adaptation

The conventional energy sources continue to be essential for the development of modern societies. In this context, the oil & gas sector plays a strategic role in medium and long term. Tergo Laf Group offers the most modern technologies to optimize your times and resources and the greatest flexibility to quickly and efficiently answer in the assembly of  specialized teams that guarantee the total coverage of remote territories countrywide.

Qualification and Certification Entity

Integrated management system to perform the Qualification of Welders and Welding Operators, their corresponding certification and the Development and Qualification of Welding Procedures according to ASME, API, AWS, among others.



The professionalism and specialization of the resources is what differentiate Tergo Laf Group teams. “We do things properly since the beginning, to sustain our compromise until the end”.

IRAM-ISO 9001:2015 Certification

TERGO LAF GROUP S.R.L. has a quality management system that meets the requirements of the IRAM – ISO 9001: 2015 standard, whose scope is:

  • Conventional and non-conventional non-destructive testing services.
  • Inspection and survey services for facilities, pipelines, equipment and works.
  • Structural mechanical integrity services.
  • Development and qualification of welding procedures, qualification and certification of welders and welding operators

The Quality Management system is a tool that has allowed us to carry out activities in an organized manner, with greater efficiency, meeting high quality standards achieved thanks to the process of continuous improvement in all our processes.


Asset Integrity Management

Pipelines, process plants, pressure vessels, storage tanks, field facilities and offshore.

Qualification and Certification Entity for Welders, Welding Operators and Welding Procedures

• Qualification of Welders and Welding Operators and their corresponding certifications.

• Development and Qualification of Welding Procedures according to ASME, API, AWS, among others.

Field Inspection

We provide
field inspection
for gas & oil countrywide,
with a great number of
highly trained personnel.

Field Inspectors

Qualified inspectors
for field, trench, right-of-way,
safety and hygiene inspector,
quality, non destructive
testing and welding.


We provide continuos
training to our inspectors
in subjects of safety,
hygiene and environment

Conventional Non
Destructive Testing

Wide variety of testings
including X-Ray and
superficial techniques.

Inspection based
on ultrasonic testing

Inspection by Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing and
TOFD (Time of Flight Detection)
with a high detection of
volumetric and plane defects,
ideal for welded unions.

Inspection by
Electromagnetic Methods

MFL inspection for tank floors.
Tubular inspections:

Asset Integrity

We manage the
integrity of pipeline systems,
process plants, vessels and tanks.


Certified Inspectors in
API 510, 570 and 653.


Cualitative Risk Analysis,
Risk based inspection analysis
(RBI) API 580.
Analysis of ILI runs.
Corrosion control.


We represent top-level foreign
companies in the fields of
inspection and integrity.

Guided waves in buried and aerial lines.
detection with certified Lavender inspector.
Detection and measurement of SCC.

Pipeline Integrity Systems.
Integrity and reliability
systems for process plants.
Integrity of storage tanks.

Inspection by
ultrasonic ILI tools.

Buried pipes protection.
Injected Plates of HDPE.


Monitoring and inspection of works.