Field Inspectors

Among the specialties offered are included:

  • Field Inspector: inspection of the tasks and phases of a pipeline work or compression.
  • Quality Inspector: control and assuring of the inspection plan, the material traceability, welding and other registries. The emission, follow up, compliance of corrective measurements and close up of no-conformities, etc.
  • Inspector of electricity/instrumentation/control: Inspector of the tasks concerning installation, mounting of equipments and start-up of electric matters.
  • Civil Inspector: inspection of the tasks of ground movements, basis and civil constructions that are performed in the field.
  • Materials and Equipment Inspector: supervision and control of the material supply and/or equipment manufacturing and/or facilities outside the working site, following the inspection plan.
  • Welding Inspector: Certified level II inspectors (IRAM IAS) for welding tasks of gas pipelines, compression plants or workshops, documentation and procedures.
  • Health and Safety Inspector: inspection of the ambience conditions in worksites, service orders, non-conformities, audits, compliance with the legal requirements in matters of health and safety, prevention and safety programs, training to employees, etc.
  • Right-of-Way Inspector: management with owners, occupants, tenants or other organisms and obtaining of the necessary permissions.
  • Technical-administrative assistant: diverse functions of assistance.
  • Defects Evaluator Type I: location on field and evaluation of defects such as volumetric, geometrical and mechanical-stress anomalies.
  • Defects Evaluator Type II: location on field and evaluation of defects such as linear anomalies, like cracks, in circumferential welds, longitudinal welds, type hard point and evaluation of connections using techniques such as Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing, Gamma Exposure.

Defects Evaluator Type III: location on field and evaluation of defects using the Creaform Handyscan 3D equipment.